Dave Larson is a rad dude and founder of Excursion Records. He's also the writer and director of the Seattle-based cult classic Edge of Quarrel, which is the "tale of a feud between Seattle's punk rock and straight edge hardcore scenes." It was filmed in 1998-99, and it stars Rocky Votolato, John Pettibone, and Dann Gallucci, and features live performances by Trial, Botch, and Murder City Devils.

The movie was (finally) released on DVD in 2008, via Excursion Records, but Larson went into debt making that happen. Now he's trying to get those DVDs out of his house. He says:

In the past I would have had no problem getting these distributed and out the door, but the landscape has changed much over the years and I found myself with only about 25% of the distribution capacity that I once had.

The result has been the huge pile of DVD boxes stuffing my closet.

So now, for $11, you can get a new copy of the Edge of Quarrel on DVD and help Larson recover from debt. Dude has done a lot of good for the local hardcore music community, and Edge of Quarrel is, well, it's not an amazing movie, but it is an awesome time capsule of the Seattle hardcore and punk music scene in the late 90s. (And if you wanna pledge more than $11 to his debt-recovering project, you can also score some old Excursion stuff—like maybe a copy of the out of print Botch/Murder City Devils split 7".)

Click here to hear Mr. Larson tell you more about about the movie (including an Edge of Quarrel SEQUEL?).