On the new Hold Steady record, Heaven Is Whenever (which is only 50% good, BTW), Craig Finn says "kid" (or "kids") 12 times. He says "heaven" 13 times. In 10 songs.

Now I was going to stop there, but then I started wondering: Just how repetitive is Craig Finn when it comes to Hold Steady lyrics? It turns out dude's pretty repetitive. Repetitive, repetitive, repetitive. And he shows no sign of letting up on this new record.

There are three mentions of parties (or partying) on Heaven. There are nearly 50 throughout Hold Steady's catalog (not including covers). Dancing also gets three more nods, bringing its total to 24. Heaven has two mentions of positivity, bringing that total to 14; two mentions of kissing, so now that's up to 33; and three mentions the word "city," so now that's up to 20 (if you include variations like cities, cityscape, etc.).

He describes something as "sketchy" for the fourth time, he sings about alcohol and cigarettes for the bazillionth time, and he (once again) mentions Youth of Today, townies, and horses. In a surprising twist, however, he doesn't say a single word about Judas or Gideon, who've been mentioned 10 and 12 times in the past, respectively. (He does, however, name drop Jesus... for the tenth time.)

I love Craig Finn as a lyricist. My love goes all the way back to his Lifter/Puller years. But even I'm starting to get tired of hearing about the same things over and over again.