I was sorta bummed to get a text last week from Mark Gajadhar, canceling a show we were due to play with his group at the Green House, scheduled for his birthday this weekend. But he had great reason- "doing a record in LA with Ross Robinson, Paul from At The Drive In and a few others", he said (looks like Jaguar Love's Cody Votolato and Daniel Anderson from Idiot Pilot are involved too). As much as I was looking forward to the party, shiit, I couldn't be mad at the dude—a guy I consider one of the illest along the town's musical faultlines, one of the heaviest lifters in the current reconciliation between genres locally—making more music and kicking back on Venice Beach for his birthday, where I just spent my own goddamn bornday. Apparently they've been productive too, writing six songs in a couple days. Here's a little video of them working it out:

Looks like the music is for Houston MC Hyro Da Hero, who describes himself as "Tupac Meets Refused". Is this the shape of rap to come?