Suntonio Bandanaz is the alter-ego of the well-known area MC Asun, local veteran, legendary out-the-backpack CD hustler (he estimates he's gotten 10K CD's into hands, I must have a half-dozen myself), co-host of the long-running weekly Stop Biting, and the pointman of Alpha P, a hiphop collective that defines the underground of Seattle rap(whose ranks include the gameful Jerm of Helladope); when Gabriel Teodros refers to a mythical "Westlake High School", he means the class of MC's that cut their teeth ciphering and hustling CD's on 4th & Pine in the late 90's/early aughts. It was there that you could frequently find Asun perfecting his fast, jumbly Hiero/Project Blowed-influenced rap style.

Back in February, Sun gave a proper release to Who Is Suntonio Bandanaz?, an LP he'd been selling out the backpack since 2007, easily his best work. The above video is a vast improvement to the visuals that dropped at the time for his song "Getting Traded", sporting some proper production values, a nice sense of goofiness, and a cameo cavalcade that 206 hiphop junkies will appreciate, including such luminaries as James "Talksick" Sullivan, who passed in October of last year from H1N1 complications. (Damn, RIP homeboy; just writing that made me sad all over again.) Plus—kids jerking and flipping! Girls dancing! Ghostriding of the whip!