This Thursday local pop punk band Quickie is setting out to break the world record by playing 48 shows in one day. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LATELY?

Take it away, press release:

Seattle pop-punk band Quickie plans to set a World Record by playing 40+ venues in one day! The “40 Quickies in One Night” marathon of mini-concerts will take place on Thursday, September 30th, from 9:30am until midnight or “however long it takes,” says Quickie’s lead singer and bass-player, Lou Trez.

The band says the goal is simply to get their music heard. “It’s never easy when you are a local band, writing original songs,” Trez explains. “So you have to create your own opportunities to get people to listen.” Creating that opportunity included gathering support from sponsors like Zip Fizz, Cowgirls Espresso,, and 48 clubs and cafes in the area. “It’s a real community effort. We’re all having fun with it!”

All shows are free. It will start at 9:30 am on the Bob Rivers show on KZOK. It should wrap up with a show at the Central (where they'll play a longer set—"Kind of a victory lap," the band says).

Here they are singing a song about Bikini Baristas (pasties included!):

The schedule is after the jump, should you feel like stalking them.

1. Bob Rivers Show 9:30am
2. Finn Mac Cools 10:00 am
3. Race Car Cafe 10:20 am
4.Scarlet Tree (Acoustic) 10;40am
5. Little Red Hen 10:55am
6. Zippys 11:30am (Acoustic)
7. Sidekicks 11:40am
8. Tracey’s 11:50 am
9.Tony V's 12:00pm
10. Hayleys 12:10pm
11. The Anchor 12:25pm
12. Madison Pub 12:45pm
13. Flight 1:00pm
14. Baxter’s 1:20pm
15. El Norte 1:40pm
16. Rimrock 1:55pm
17. Backdoor 2:05pm
18. Mr Villa 2:20pm
19. Dante’s 2:35
20. Fuel 2:50
21. Temple Billiards 2:50(Acoustic)
22. Seattle Historic Triangle Tavern (Acoustic)
23. The Little Red Studio (Acoustic)
24. Nectar 3:00-3:30pm
25. The Red Door 3:30pm
26. The Hard Rock Cafe 4:00pm
27. The Ballroom 4:20pm
28. Ballard Loft 4:40pm
29. El Corazon 5pm
30. Rendevous 5:20pm
31. JuJu 5:30pm
32. Shorty’s 5:40pm
33. Lava Lounge 5:50pm
34. Funhouse 6:00pm
35. Monkey Pub 6:30pm
36. Lucid 6:40pm
37: Galway Arms 6:50pm
38. Club Motor 7:15pm
39. Owl & Thistle 7:30pm
40. Tost 8:00pm
41. Dubliner 8:15pm
42. Linda’s 8:40pm
43. The Garage 9:00pm
44. Belltown Billiards 9:25pm
45. J & M Cafe 9:45pm
46. New Orlean's 10:15pm
47. Merchant Cafe 10:30pm
48. The Central 11:20pm