As some of you may or may not know (or your name is Dave Segal and you know but would secretly like to not know), I play guitar in this little instrumental band that goes by the name of Bronze Fawn. We are probably best recognized for our numerous effect pedals and other sweet gear, songs that go on for a long time, a cohort of bong-huffing fans who like to “just fucking space out and shit” to long songs, a faction of horny people who shamelessly like to inform us that our lengthy songs are “pretty good to fuck to. No, seriously, I think we conceived our first child with your first album on in the background. No lie, bro. I shit you not”, a general lack of concern for decibel levels at live shows, a general lack of groupies (what? nobody wants to hump a dude in an instrumental band? sighhhh), live visuals projected behind our (arguably) boring stage presence, being “that band that opened for Battles that one time…right?”, and being some nice dudes to just chill with and shoot the shit. Ring a bell? Good. Well, all of that is about to come to an end. In exactly four Thursdays from today, Bronze Fawn will be performing its final show on November 18th at Neumos.

It’s been a good five-ish year run, yielding a bunch of shows with amazingly talented national and local acts, some wonderful friends and dedicated fans, and two full-length albums we are all satisfied with. As for the break-up, there is no juicy story here involving a fistfight with a hooker in the back of a cab, a teener of crystal and an unregistered handgun, or even a young European guitar prodigy flipping a Ferrari. Nope. Unfortunately, sometimes when three friends get together to play music, the harsh bitch known as *reality* sets in and the best choice for everyone involved is to pack up shop and call it a day. In our case, it was the perfect storm of a creativity tank with a needle pointing toward E and some major real-life transitions (personally, I just began coursework in my pursuit of a master’s degree which will require any and all of my focus. Goodbye, social life) — you know, some totally understandable reasons. If you were there for us at any part of our existence, we thank you for your support, generosity, and love. That being said, our final show is going to be a whopper, as the bill is loaded with some great acts/friends that have been there with us since the get go — and I feel extremely proud and privileged knowing that they will be there with us as Bronze Fawn fades off into the ether. You should come out. It’s going to be rad. Everything is going to be all right. Again, thank you.
(Confidential to Mr. Segal: Though this may mean one less "post-rock" blip for you to have to deal with on your music radar, I will never quit playing music. Ever. That shit's for life, yo. Just fair warning)

Bronze Fawn - Final Show w/The Kindness Kind, Eighteen Individual Eyes, Blue Light Curtain, and DJ Shani (KEXP) spinning between sets — Neumos / Nov. 18 / 21+ / $8 / Doors @ 8pm