Corin Tucker has a new record out with her new band, The Corin Tucker Band. I wouldn’t notice this usually, but lately I’ve been listening to the radio and have been unable to avoid her interviews and songs. It seems that her new record is mostly about having children and yoga and play dates! In a recent interview with Adult Swim, Tucker exclaimed, “To me, being in a restaurant is like, "Woohoo!" Because I have to cook for my family most of the time. Even a Denny's is like a vacation.”

I have got to be kidding you.
  • I have got to be kidding you.

Recently, my aunt (rhymes with gaunt) Judy was digging through the family genealogy and discovered that my family is half Jewish. Apparently my great grandfather had a WW2 freak out and decided to start telling everybody that he was German (way to go!). Later that same day I was listening to Pussy Galore and for the first time was totally offended by the song "You Look Like a Jew". Now it seems that this song was originally directed at Ian Mackaye & the whole Dischord House scene of the 1980s. Later, Unrest answered with the record title Fuck Pussy Galore (& All Her Friends). Unrest didn’t really get good until Imperial, but I really loved Minor Threat growing up. I always thought that Fugazi was okay, but man, was that band BOSSY. I remember at the Congress Theater in Chicago when Fugazi was rather proud of themselves when they made everybody sit quietly on the floor. I think there were nearly 4,000 people in that place. Like sheep! Just sitting down! Not able to smoke cigarettes or have sex or huff glue or anything.

Ian Mackaye: Coke was it!
  • Ian Mackaye: Coke was it!

Pussy Galore: Trust fund lunkheads, awesome jams.
  • Pussy Galore: Trust fund lunkheads, awesome jams.

Speaking of college, the first and only time I frenched a dude was when I was 19. I was obsessed with Morrissey at the time, to the point where I would pick gladiolas and wear them in my back pocket. Living in rural Ohio at the time, some things I got wrong, like thinking that wearing a gigantic blue cable knit sweater should round out my look. Man, I wore that sweater everywhere. Somehow I missed that the 20th Anniversary of Bona Drag was released at the beginning of last month, and it’s rather wonderful. The highlights include the version of “Piccadilly Palare” with an extra verse and a Viva Hate outtake called “Lifeguard On Duty”. The biggest letdown is the version of “Oh Phoney” included here, which is the same as the demo version with new instrumentation added that totally ruins it. Oh here, you compare for yourself.

Old version:

New version:

Ages ago, Morrissey declared “Reggae is vile”, but later declared, “JUST KIDDING”. That guy is not only out of his gourd, but he was also born on the same day as Jilted John!

Morrissey: I have decided to eat my friends.
  • Morrissey: I have decided to eat my friends.

Did you know that the sample on “Rubber Ring” by The Smiths came from Konstantin Raudive's 1970 flexi-disc An Amazing Experiment in the Electronic Communication With The Dead? Yes, indeed you do now:

ITEM: GREAT SHOW NOTICE: La Sera is playing in Ballard tonight. La Sera is Katy Goodman from the Vivian Girls’ new band. They’ve a single coming out in two weeks on Hardly Art & an LP in early 2011. I saw them at The Pony last month and they particularly ruled. You’re a total goon if you miss this show, No Joy & Seapony are also playing. It’s at the Sunset Tavern and apparently there the pizza is TDF*.

Diana Ernestine Earle Ross (born March 26, 1944) is an American singer and actress.
  • Diana Ernestine Earle Ross (born March 26, 1944) is an American singer and actress.

Not only are people going ape for the Four Loko booze drink lately, one English 23-year-old recently died after ingesting two spoonfuls of pure caffeine powder purchased from the Internet. Apparently he washed the powder down with an energy drink, and around 15 minutes later began sweating and vomiting blood. Ew, gross.

DRUGZ: Just do em.
  • DRUGZ: Just do 'em.

I received my first death threat in Seattle last week at Papa’s Pub & Grill in White Center. I’ve been spending my afternoons there writing a self-help book and last Tuesday a man demanded that I buy him a can of beer or he would “make me pay”. I asked him if he was indeed threatening me and he replied, “You bet. You’ll pay with your life!”

I’d like to publicly apologize to Keith Whiteman. Keith had a ragingly awesome Halloween party on Saturday night. I decided at the last minute to dress up as SNACK GHOUL, which consisted of me in face paint giving away mountains of candy from a gigantic Le Bag. I’m sure that at least 200 Haribo Gold Bears ended up on the floor of his house, not to mention countless Take Five and Almond Joy wrappers. Sorry about that!

Snack Ghoul, Safeway Bathroom, 3:26am 10/31/10
  • Snack Ghoul, Safeway Bathroom, 3:26am 10/31/10

Pete & Shannen @ The 7-11.
  • Pete & Shannen @ The 7-11.

Béla Bartók had a wife named Ditta and his favorite food was plain white rice. He wrote the Romanian Folk Dances based upon Romanian fiddle tunes from Transylvania. This is wonderful music if you're ever experiencing mania:

Béla Bartók also married Márta Ziegler.
  • Béla Bartók also married Márta Ziegler.

WE WENT TO THE CRAB POT! We paid some guy $32 each and he came back with a giant bucket and dumped food on our table. Official rating: 6 out of 10 crab mallets. Don't go to The Crab Pot.

The Crab Pot: Too Many Potatoes.
  • The Crab Pot: Too Many Potatoes.

Kelly O demanded that I draw a photo of a black metal dude playing basketball, so I did it:

Shirts & Skins.
  • Shirts & Skins.

Have you ever been to the Tukwila Trading Company? It’s a wonderful array of “about to rot” style produce that costs hardly any money. Whatta bargain!


Hey, look! Shannon Perry made a painting of my head! You should get a hold of her and have her paint your face, too. You might as well get in on the ground floor, because those prices are going UP, UP, UP.


My mother lives in rural Ohio. She’s neat! Do not go to rural Ohio if you can help it.


Last minute obligatory Taco Time drawing:

Taco Time: Its Nacho Revolution.
  • Taco Time: It's Nacho Revolution.

I am going to South Carolina on Tuesday. Please don't break into my house and steal my things.

*To die for, natch.