There's an interesting screed up on the blog of Denver electronic artist Pictureplane, the far-out head-turner known for blistering, rave-ready bangers like "Trance Doll." He goes deep into the much-discussed witch house subgenre, and "pulls a Carles," taking credit for coining the genre tag in the first place:

"it seems that my conceptual half-joke genre WITCH HOUSE is here to stay. i had always wanted to invent a catchphrase or some sort of meme within popular (sub)culture, the idea of naming a genre stemmed from a failed conceptual art piece from 2007 where i attempted to start a certain "movement" called CREEP...whereas "creep" was a "state of being", witch house was a comment about aesthetics."

He goes on:

"music is and will always be magikal, as it invokes change and transformation within our physical internal and external reality. and that should be at the core of what "witch house" is if anything. putting on some dark clothes and putting a bunch of upside down crosses next to your band name means nothing if all it serves to you is to "look cool". the "witch" in "witch house" is not an empty word. I AM A FUCKING WITCH, BITCH."

Sounds like the dude's on a serious Grant Morrison chaos magic(k) trip (he even cites "the god terrence mckenna"). Awesome.

I'm pretty into the idea of PP's conception of "witch house" taking off. A robe in every home, a sigil on every LP sleeve...