Emotions ran high at Chop Suey Saturday night as 16 of Seattle's most adept computer music maestros competed in the rowdy and well-attended 8th Annual Laptop Battle. Highlights included the ever-classy Moogy Bruise, aka Andrew Luck of Splatinum, whose blonde locks, sequined dress, and crunk-infused midi work proved an early crowd favorite. WD4D had his work cut out, but held his own with some expertly crafted tunes ranging from dark and brooding dub tracks to intricate four-to-the-floor minimal techno. He eventually got eliminated in a close battle of showmanship vs. musicianship, the former winning out in Moogy's favor, resulting in a stunned audience booing the judge's decision to a hilarious degree. Pterodactyl Tits, aka Adam Houghton also of Splatinum fame, had one helluva night. He came out the gate with some heavy blues-infused dubstep and head-banging theatrics, keeping the energy level high throughout each performance, and even beat out his Splatinum counterpart in one of the most belligerent battles of the night, landing him a spot in the championship round.

It was all about The Icarus Kid though, as he blazed through round after round of fierce competition. From his first performance of that heavily Mario Bros-sampled electro track, to the accordion solo that preceded his stellar gabber interpretation of "Flight of the Bumblebees" in the final showdown, he had the stage presence and high-energy craftsmanship needed to win both the crowd and the judges over. That strap mounted midi-controller was a nice touch, too. Honorable mentions go to Miniature Airlines, who played some of the most emotionally charged and quality-produced music of the evening, as well as Portland's Graintable, who made it through on some finely honed low-end break beat action before getting knocked out in the semi-finals. Kudos to all the performers. Special thanks to the crowd for going freaking nuts throughout the show. You all proved, once again, that we take our electronic music in this town very fucking seriously.