Looking back on 2010, there's at least one big-in-'10 genre that's more or less impossible to ignore: Witch House. It has its fair share of defenders and detractors, but in my estimation, it's not especially different from any other genre, i.e. there's plenty of gold and plenty of shit, too.

Besides having a very distinct sonic identity, Witch House bands have proven to possess a remarkably unified aesthetic, perhaps the strongest or most apparent of any buzzed 2k10 genre. It faces little competition: I'll admit Chillwave's iconography is starting to feel pretty, ah, "warmed" over (but the Triangle Conspiracy is still going strong).

While there's no shortage of sans-serif font art on witchy album art and gig posters, I kept doing double-takes every time I saw this particular serif font used again and again. I'm going to resist making a sweeping, Didion-esque generalization about the preponderance of this typeface (or incredibly similar typefaces), but included below and after the jump are some prime (potentially NSFW) examples of the trend. Hey, anything's better than more cross iconography and obfuscating eyesore glyph-ization.

What is this font, anyway? Anyway graphic design students want to fill me in? I know it's not this.