Have you watched a documentary regarding nearly any kind of music and David Fricke and/or Thurston Moore appear on the screen with a mostly unrelated or extra self-important opinion? Last night I was watching the Ken Burns movie about the Statue Of Liberty and half-expected Moore to chime in about going to the Mudd Club in the early 1980s.




Lest we forget, Henry "Officer Dobbs Lawrence Garfield" Rollins. He often shows up to compare any number of bands to his own personal rock & roll Vietnam and sometimes makes machine gun noises with his mouth. Although I have to give him points for being a Fall fanatic.

They = any band in question.
  • They = any band in question.

I think I've seen Thurston Moore tell the same three stories well over 65 times. But it's David Fricke that makes we want to reach through the screen and throttle an image. Henry Rollins wants to decapitate you with his opinions. One of them has to go. WHICH WILL IT BE?