A few hours ago I received a text message from a friend. She's from Long Beach, CA and claimed that Sublime was the "90s Beatles". She followed that up with "I am drunk but I am telling the TRUTH." I've never really noticed this band, except for t-shirts worn by people that I'd steer clear of, but she went even further to say that Sublime needed to be explained to a person. I then watched a video for the song called Date Rape and stopped replying to her texts.

Ten minutes later, she wrote again: "I am a feminist and I hate men and stuff, but I will totally explain what Sublime's all about to you. I actually hated them growing up, but these Japanese foreign exchange students broke it down for me in college. They had no idea about the horrible lyrics, and that's when I started realizing that a pop song is a pop song."

The thing I'm worried about now is that she's going to explain Sublime to me and I'm going to like them. It's similar to my fear of becoming a Born Again Christian. Right now in my life these are things that don't seem appealing to me and I'd kind of like to keep it that way. On the other hand, I never thought I'd like skiing as a child, but I liked it after I tried it. See? I'm terrified.

Way to go, dad.
  • Way to go, dad.