Nightcaps, the Knowgooders, Luke Rain

(Nectar) See Data Breaker.

McCoy Tyner Quintet

(Jazz Alley) The greatest quartet in the history of jazz is the Coltrane Quartet. They flourished in the first half of the 1960s, and their pianist, McCoy Tyner, is their last living member—John Coltrane (sax), Jimmy Garrison (bass), and Elvin Jones (drums) have entered the void into which we are all heading and from which we all emerged. Tyner joined the quartet in his early 20s and brought something new to jazz piano: a percussive attack that did not beat out beauty and sensitivity. In Tyner's best work, we find a sound that has unified the passions of polyrhythmic Africa and the elegance of European high culture. This sound is nothing but the heart of America. Through Sunday, March 6. CHARLES MUDEDE

The Lonely Forest, the Oregon Donor, the Violins

(Vera) The Lonely Forest's highly anticipated follow-up to 2009's We Sing the Body Electric! is finally here. And the band appears to have grown up. Thanks to Chris Walla's pristine production, their new album, Arrows (officially released March 22), is cleaner than anything the band has done before. Instead of the songs' climaxes being built up by layers and layers of instrumentation (the product of a band doing at-home recording and maybe not knowing when to leave well enough alone), some of the songs' strongest moments are those quiet nuances that Walla is so great at sprinkling in his records—the single shake of a tambourine, the distant echo of a piano line. Overall, it's a whole new vibe for the Lonely Forest, but almost certainly fans will stand by their side as the band experiments with what bigger budgets and better contacts can afford them—especially since their live show still encapsulates every ounce of passion and energy the band has ever had. MEGAN SELING

Nod Off, Wildildlife, Stickers, Monogamy Party

(Comet) Monogamy Party stand poised to fill the Big Business–sized hole in Seattle's rock circles, but that reference is meant only as a starting point. Stickers take a bass guitar, saxophone, and drums to transform your house party straight into gangbusters. Nod Off play straightforward and serviceable hardcore. Enjoy! GRANT BRISSEY

SXSW Kickoff: D.Black, Wild Orchid Children, State of the Artist, Tea Cozies

(Crocodile) Tonight is the send-off party for Sx- Seattle, and many of the Texas-bound acts will also be on hand for the bazaar in the Crocodile's back room, hawking wares before the show. The strapping young lads of Campfire OK are putting on a kissing booth, but the prize for most creative goes to Black Whales, who are bringing an 1864 map of British Columbia's islands (with accompanying nautical handbook). WANT. GRANT BRISSEY