Apparently he changed his mind about not being able to hit a girl...

Ben Weasel, the outspoken singer of the snotty pop punk band Screeching Weasel, has a long-lived reputation of being an asshole—people have said he's an opinionated dick, impossible to work with, and a rumored republican (he says he is not). The Queers even have a song dedicated to how hated he is.

This weekend, though, he crossed the line. He shattered it. After a woman in the audience was taunting the singer during Screeching Weasel's SXSW performance, even supposedly throwing beer at him, Ben exchanged some words with the woman and then hit her in the face. When another woman (said to be the owner of the club) got on stage to break up the fight, he started swinging at her, too.

Here's a video of the altercation, where Weasel first says he can't beat up a girl, but invites other women in the audience to do it:

Here's a closer look at Ben hitting the woman in the face, and the chaos that immediately ensued:

That is so fucked up.

So far Ben has been silent on the incident, save for the apology he posted on his website yesterday.

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