• Matthew Ellis

Bummer news from Seattle clobbering no-wave trio Wet Paint DDM. In December, the band announced it was going on hiatus while their drummer Chris Brown embarked on a six-month trip to Hong Kong, promising "in a short six-months you will be blasted by a recurrence of SSSSPPPPPPEWWings WPDMM-style." Now, three months later, the band is letting the paint dry for good. This morning, the spazzy, evocative Wet Paint frontwoman Jamey Braden made this shocking announcement:

"WET PAINT DMM is now a finished product. Due to personal, practical, esoteric, food-related, clothing-optional, leopard-print reasons, we will not continue with our hiatus and shall henceforth be named, as a band, project, and expression "complete." Jim, Jamey, and Christopher glow with joy thinking of all the love you and yours as friends, strangers, and positive apparitions poured on us. Look for independent and group projects from above named persons in the future."

Having seen the band numerous times, from Cairo and Cha Cha, to Black Lodge and an Ethiopian Lounge in Portland, I must admit feeling a little sad that the band isn't going to continue. Wet Paint were a vital and important part of the Seattle music landscape, and were one of my favorite Seattle bands of 2010. They didn't seem to take themselves too seriously, yet were firmly intuitive to their chaotic surroundings. Wet Paint played aggressively and Braden commanded your attention with her strange vocal ticks and body convulsions throughout their succinct <20 minute sets. They left you hungry for more, making you anticipate the next time you'd see them again. I guess we're all gonna have to fight for the scraps on YouTube from now on.