• Ryan Furbush

Haunted Horses were a Seattle band that burned bright and then promptly parted ways. Guitarist/vocalist Colin Dawson relocated to NYC for a spell, and thunderous, fill-happy drummer Myke Pelly hooked up with Taylor Wingett and James Scheall to form Footwork. But now that Dawson's back in town, HH are back at it, and make their auspicious return tonight at a stacked show taking place at Pioneer Square venue SPACE. It will be their first performance in seven months.

Almost a year ago to the day, back when the Horses were still incipient racket-makers, I described them as "a witch’s brew of incongruous elements: guitars overdosed with reverb [that] spit out sinister, twangy melodies. Drums [that] transform like cinematic wolfmen—first they’re locked into 4/4 dance patterns, then they careen into wild, animalistic spasms. The vocals, fittingly, are a supremely haunting mix of inchoately shouted lyrics and high-pitched ghost moans."

Haunted Horses share the stage tonight with Sam Humans and MOUNTAINSS (I wrote about them here), and Napa band Planets, who just opened for Lightning Bolt at what will probably remain the biggest and sweatiest Seattle DIY show of the entire year. The show starts at 8:30 tonight with a $5 cover. SPACE is located between Washington and Yesler under the Alaskan Way Viaduct (wear a helmet?).