Seattle is blessed to have (at least) two DJ nights devoted to psychedelic music: Portable Shrines' first and third Wednesdays at the Living Room bar and LOVETONE every third Saturday at Vermillion. Both are curated by experts in the field who book guests who are equally immersed in music dedicated to launching minds out of this world (or very infinitesimally into it). (Note: I had the privilege to DJ this night in February.)

For this month's LOVETONE, resident DJs Christian Science and Jon François Stone (both of DUG; sorry if this is getting confusing) have chosen Explorateur—who spins regularly at the Prog! and Valmont's Pad biweeklies at Living Room—and Jeffery Taylor—co-proprietor of Wall of Sound and guitarist for Climax Golden Twins and AFCGT—to augment their own selections on the decks.

Explorateur plans to spin tracks by an international cast of heavies, including Skorpio, Ofo & the Black Company, Abbas Mehrpouya, Dug Dug's, Lula Cortés, Spectrum, and Lumerians, plus some library music from Europe's finest. More than one sitar likely will be heard, as well. Mr. Taylor has exquisite taste, too, and his beard is extremely psychedelic in its own right.

(Vermillion, 1508 11th Ave, 9 pm-2 am, $5, 21+. RSVP here and get a friend in for free.)