Really, it's hard not to get a crush on Gizzelle*...her VOICE just kills!! (Suh-WOON) Dig her singing Lavern Baker's "Voodoo Voodoo."

She, and her band, are from LA and for the past few years they have been destroying all other also rans currently playing rootsy rock-a-billy/jump/R&B. Her first 45, the Big Joe Williams blues standard "Baby Please Don't Go," sold out instantly and has been seen selling now for (ahem) $100!! DAG! Anyways, I hope she comes our soon. I first heard her, and matching Barabra Lynn's "I'm A Good Woman". Um, not an easy job, but she rules it...a nice 'A' side for her second single.

*She is also found as "Lil Gizzelle" or even "Gizelle".