The results of a Reader Poll asking "Who is the best punk rock band of all time?":

10. Bad Brains
9. Social Distortion
8. The Misfits
7. Black Flag
6. Iggy and the Stooges
5. The Dead Kennedys
4. The Sex Pistols
3. The Ramones
2. The Clash

And the winner is...


I remember being a teen fan of early Green Day. After one of their shows in Seattle we spotted their tour van outside of a hotel near the venue. Then we spotted the bass player walking toward the front door with two girls. We jumped out and followed them. When they got to the front door, the concierge wouldn't let them in. "There's not going to be a party here tonight," he said through the intercom (the door locked). "If you don't let us in I'm gonna get really fucking pissed man," bass guy whined in a voice unbecoming of a teen punk rock idol. Then we left.