A classic in motivational hardcore, "Start Today" was the title track on the first and only LP by Gorilla Biscuits. The band came together when Arthur Smilios, Nick Drysdale and Anthony Civarelli bonded over a love of Agnostic Front while in high school in 1986. The lure of the infamous matinee shows at CBGBs had the trio start traveling to New York City, where they met members of Youth of Today and other NYHC stalwarts. The name Gorilla Biscuits was a last minute choice for the band, pressed to call themselves something when they were chosen to open for Token Entry. Methaqualone was a popular drug at the time and Gorilla Biscuits was a slang term for the drug, because of the large size of the pills.


Start Today remains the best selling LP on Revelation Records and was the first of that catalog to be pressed onto CD. Material for a second LP was written but the band broke up in 1992, before it was recorded. Civarelli and Smilios started a band called Civ which made a dent in mainstream charts with the dreadful swing-punk single "Can't Wait One Minute More" in 1995. Walter Schreifels formed the not-so-bad postcore band Quicksand. Eventually Gorilla Biscuits reformed for some reunion tours, one of which featured exclusive t-shirts by Paul Frank. OH, BROTHER.