As a result of this post, I am the lucky recipient of the Zachariah soundtrack LP. A friend who'd read the entry found the record at the Queen Anne Easy Street for a buck and then generously gave it to me last night (thanks, Ian!).

The album features a grip of quality dung-bootin’ country rock and some sentimental C&W slow ones from Country Joe & the Fish, Doug Kershaw, the New York Rock Ensemble, and White Lightnin’. File it, kind of awkwardly, between the Performance and Zabriskie Point OSTs, although it’s not quite as consistently great or as out-there as those works. However, the highlight of Zachariah’s score—besides a jazzed-up “William Tell Overture” by composer Jimmie Haskell—is the James Gang’s “Laguna Salada,” an ominously uplifting slice of desert rock that you need in your life.

Seriously, this track along with at least three of their full-lengths proper (Yer’ Album, James Gang Rides Again, Thirds) ought to make the James Gang ripe for critical reappraisal… and the inevitable bloggerati/hipster love (it helps that their records sell for dirt cheap in used bins). Ain’t no denyin’: Joe Walsh and his Ohio bros were dope.