EDITOR'S NOTE, OCT 12: Because we haven't been able to talk to the person who left the receipt to get his side of the story, we've deleted certain details and identifying information from this post.

Over the weekend while bar tending at Bimbo's Cantina, Victoria Liss received a less than generous tip after serving a man and woman chips & salsa with guacamole and one double decker pork taco. Not only was the gratuity 0%, the customer added a personal message that has a number of Seattle area service industry workers infuriated. Here's what Victoria had to say:

There's been some buzz the past couple of days about a receipt that you received while working at Bimbo's. What is your position there?

I usually am a cocktail waitress at Cha Cha, so I am used to off-the-cuff comments at work. However, this week I was filling in for my friend Al who bar tends at Bimbo's Cantina above Cha Cha every Friday. Al went camping in Croatia. Al just won employee of the month, and I was more than happy to cover the shift until...

When did the incident happen?

Friday, sometime after 10 pm.

What exactly was written on the receipt?

An "0" written in the tip line and the "P.S. You could stand to loose [sic] a few pounds" added just to boost my self esteem.


Can you recall the events that may have led this person to behave this way?

There are two things that led him to behave like that in my mind. He came in and I was, though I regret it now, very nice to him. Also, he ordered a taco and I recommended he get a double decker (he wasn't drunk and I knew a taco wrapped in a bean taco would keep him undrunk). His lady friend called it "carb hell" so apparently it was a very offensive menu suggestion. He was dressed like "Boy" from Little Monsters with Fred Savage. I remember thinking when she put her gold Kate Spade purse on the bar, "I'm fucked."

After the word of the incident spread so quickly, what else has happened?

Um, I found a picture of him, I found his phone number I think, I have just gotten a lot of commiseration from my fellow Capitol Hill service workers who see this shit from the newer yuppie crowd all the time. When you know you're gonna be a total dick lick, DON'T GIVE THE BARTENDER YOUR CREDIT CARD. We live in a social networking hub, don't shit where you eat.

Do you feel like this situation has gotten out of hand or everything is deserved so far?

I think that aside from a few accidental emails to another guy with the same name, no. I have the biggest tits on the hill since Lindy West moved. Calling me fat is an amateur move. This guy is a bully. One of Lisa Dank's friends complained that everyone was jumping down this guy's throat and being mean just like they were to his friend. Um, Lisa Dank stole a dog, and this guy harassed a bartender. If you are an asshole, you better delete your Facebook or change your name.

Have you received any response from the person?

Honestly, after posting photos of him and his love letter, I worked all weekend and have a pretty full in box. I do have some messages from guys with the same name who are mad, so sorry to all of the sweet [people out there with the same name].

Victoria believes she has located the customer in question on Facebook. I've contacted him to get his side of the story, but he has yet to respond.