Cecil Frena (formerly the brains behind Canada's dayglo-pop act Gobble Gobble) recently reinvented/renamed his project Born Gold and released a collection of singles called Bodysongs under his new moniker yesterday. Half new songs, half of them previously released with Gobble Gobble, Bodysongs is a ten-track sampling of Frena's weirdo future-pop stylings. A sense of apocalyptic foreboding seeps from everything from the constantly distorted washes of melodic noise to the severely cryptic lyrics ("I don't want to chew my tooth chips/I just want to boil the head til/It's sparkling and see-through like we'd hoped we were"), but rather than wallow in the paranoia Born Gold finds some closure, and more importantly, reason to wild out like there's literally no tomorrow, in this acknowledgement. Pop music that's appropriate for these end times.

Decimate Everything by Born Gold

Some of this stuff has a little too much candy-sweet, DDR-synth poppiness to it to completely enjoy, but Frena keeps the songs moving along briskly, piling on the melodies until you can't help but listen. Bodysongs is available for free on just about every existent Internet format, so before you start digging out your sad, mopey winter records and wallowing in your Seasonal Affective Disorder, stream or download Bodysongs and get down one last time.