Today is Paul Shaffer's birthday. You may know Paul Shaffer as David Letterman's musical sidekick since 1982. He's also Canadian.

Paul Shaffer was in love with Gilda Radner. He was supposed to appear in the Blue Brothers but John Belushi got mad at Paul Shaffer for spending too much time on Gilda Radner's record. Belushi fired him from the Blues Brothers. After Belushi died, Paul Shaffer received his comeuppance by appearing in 1998's Blues Brothers 2000. IN YOUR FACE, JOHN BELUSHI!


Paul Shaffer has worked with musical legends such as Yoko Ono and Nina Hagen. He co-wrote and co-produced the 1984 Weather Girls hit "It's Raining Men." He also appeared as the brilliant Artie Fufkin, promo man for Polymer Records, in the classic This is Spinal Tap.

Paul Shaffer was also the first person to say "fuck" on Saturday Night Live. I started writing this because I thought Paul Shaffer kind of sucks, but Paul Shaffer kind of rules!


While writing this and drawing Paul Shaffer, I couldn't get Vic Tayback off of my mind. Tayback played Mel Sharples (probably the best character name ever) on TV's Alice. He also appeared in All Dogs Go to Heaven, The Love Boat, Hawaii Five-O, All in the Family, Star Trek, Barney Miller, Bewitched, Columbo, Get Smart, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and T.J. Hooker. He also was seen in an Aqua Velva after-shave lotion commercial as a spectator in the stands who shouts "Hey, Pete Rose! What does a man really want in an after-shave lotion?" at Cincinnati Reds third baseman Pete Rose.

"A man likes to smell like a man." - 1976 Aqua Velva TV commercial with Vic Tayback and Pete Rose (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?)