Even my cat loves Christmas!
  • Even my cat loves Christmas!
There's nothing I love more this time of year than holiday music. I will even listen to shitty holiday music, like Mariah Carey's Christmas album, because that is how much I love holiday music. (I draw the line at Michael Buble—fuck that guy.) But thankfully, for every cheesy, awful, boring Christmas song out there, there's also some good stuff! It's just a little harder to find. Right now, for example, I'm listening to the Parenthetical Girls' "Thank God It's Not Christmas."

And while I have a pretty impressive arsenal that I've collected over the years, there's always plenty more to uncover. Any other holiday music nerds out there have any favorites I definitely need to add to my collection? Yesterday Kelly O shared the new Shannon and the Clams holiday hit with us. Is the new She & Him Christmas album any good? I'm not usually a fan of S&H, but maybe I will like them when they sing about presents and snow? I know Exohxo is working on their annual holiday EP, but are there any other local bands getting in on the action this year?

Tell me everything you know about holiday music! I will sit here and wait, while listening to Stevie Wonder tell me what Christmas means to him (candles burning low/lots of mistletoe!).