I finished the Meat Loaf autobiography the other night. It's called To Hell and Back and it was "written" in 1999 or so. The text is printed in at least a 16 pt. size and most of the pages are filled with copyright free gothic clip art illustrations. When I turned the last page a wave of self-loathing washed over me.


Ever since Emily Nokes' muckraking Megadeth exposé two weeks ago, we've been plowing through rock biographies like elementary school students with Weekly Readers. Birdsall from Don't Stop Believin' Records dropped off the execrable To Hell and Back along with the 1995 Boy George biography Take it Like a Man. We've been fighting over the Boy George book, it's that good. I think the mark of a good music biography is to take a subject that you didn't care at all for and make them appealing enough to want to watch videos of them on YouTube. Which is certainly what I've been doing with mid-1980s Culture Club clips for the past week.

I've read some music biographies in which I liked the book but grew to abhor the subject. Warren Zevon, for instance. I couldn't get all the way through Korn singer Brian Welch's Save Me from Myself. I liked Hammer of the Gods & Morrissey and Marr: The Severed Alliance.

We need to know what to read next. What are your favorite music biographies?