Lakutis is best known for having three of the more memorable guest verses on Das Racist's Sit Down, Man mixtape and thoroughly abusing the DJ airhorn during the group's Nov. 9 show at Neumos. Today the rapper released his own EP titled I'm in the Forest on Himanshu Suri's Greedhead Music, featuring some Frida Kahlo-looking cover art and seven tracks of triumphantly ridiculous, hyper-referential East Coast nerd rap. The wackiness present here is even higher than Das Racist's already soaring levels of satirical, pop-culture-saturated lyricism, which is to be expected from a dude who apparently plays League of Legends.

The EP's highlights include his electronic party-rocker "Lakutis in the House," which he performed at the Das Racist show, and title track, which rides a Prodigy sample and introduces the "Seven Spiders of Hip-Hop," whatever the fuck those are. The following "Ja Rule" repeats the line "I'm out this world, ho" 16 times before Lakutis goes into his own mumbled/sung version of Ja Rule's completely terrible early-'00s R(ap)&B number "Put It On Me" over a warped psych-rock groove. Things get even more absurd with the Kool A.D.-featuring "I'm Better Than Everybody," perhaps the most #based of all based freestyles that valiantly attempts to outdo every boastful bar ever uttered by another rapper over a belligerent Big Baby Gandhi banger. The last track features both MCs from Das Racist and starts with the line "they be like 'Lex, you play Hungry Hungry Hippos?'" which would make it worth a listen even if it weren't for the already way-nice swag-rap beat from Chairlift's Patrick Wimberly.

Enough talk about this one, though. Head over to Mishka NYC's Bandcamp page to download it for free. But since I'm already talking about this Greedhead release, there's a couple more you may have slept on that I want to mention here.

Big Baby Gandhi is another first-generation Indian-American Queens native who happens to rap well and produce even better. His mixtape Big Fucking Baby is a backpack-rap (the Operation Doomsday kind, not the Anticon kind) throwback loaded with homemade, sample-laden beats and mad lyrical observations about feeling weird as a minority in America (be sure to check out the Weeknd-sampling "White World" if nothing else). His looped software beats and naturally skilled flows make it seem like he cranked out the lo-fi recording in just a couple days. Download that one here.

Big Baby Gandhi also collaborated with Das Racist's Kool A.D. a few months ago on a short but awesome EP hilariously titled Hyphy Ballads. Each of the five tracks were produced by the Big Fuckin' Baby and are centered around Björk sample flips, which is definitely worth checking out if you're a producer type. Kool A.D. provides goofy free-association verses, including one on the title track where he rhymes "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit" with "If you don't like this song, go suck a dick"* before fully going in with a double-time flow that includes the line "fly like a lesbian seagull" and stopping to let a Malcolm X speech ride out to the end. That one can be found here via a weird Das Racist fan Tumblr.

With only half-serious mixtape projects of this quality coming out on a regular basis, and with label head Heems' Nehru Jackets mixtape still on the way, this emerging Greedhead collective looks to be a source of quality New York rap tunes in the coming year.

*To be fair, he also says "fans of this stuff probly do acid and fuck."