Mountains of digital dollars were collected yesterday when Internet auctions ended for three Sub Pop Nirvana 7" test pressings. A person claiming to be a music journalist in Seattle "for a time" also notes that each of the test pressings came from "the owners of Sub Pop."


The heavy hitter of course was SP23, the test pressing for the Singles Club release "Love Buzz" b/w "Big Cheese," which fetched $4,350.00. The seller initially misread the matrix etching as "WHY DON'T YOU TRADE THOSE GUITARS FOR SINGLES?"


The second mound of money came from the test pressing for the "Sliver" b/w "Dive" single, released by Sub Pop in 1990. Recorded during a one hour break during a Tad session by Jack Endino, "Sliver" is my personal least favorite Nirvana track. That didn't seem to hurt the value of this test pressing, though, as it went for $2,100.00 yesterday.


Rounding out the lot is the test pressing for SP97, another Singles Club release which was a split with Denver's the Fluid. The key track here is Nirvana's live version of the Vaselines' "Molly's Lips," with "LATER" etched into the dead wax. It went for a cool $1,525.00.

Internet conjecture seems to point that these records were sold by Everett True, the journalist who aided in the invention of "the grunge." But that could be, in his native tongue, a load of bollocks.

h/t: Matt Clark