While blasting "Careering" yesterday, I noticed something etched into to back side of the front lid of my copy of Public Image Limited's Metal Box. It was a name, address and date. I bought this copy at a record store that used to be Wax Trax in 1998 or 1999 from a person who needed money (and then some) to get into Lounge Ax across the street. I met that person years later and his name isn't Brett Young. So I got to wondering, who is Brett Young and where did he buy this copy of Metal Box? Why on earth did he sell it?!


After a quick cyber-search I found a Brett Young in Chicago trying to sell Marina Tower commemorative spoons. So, I wrote the message below:

Brett Young,

Hello, my name is Derek Erdman. I live in Seattle but I used to live in Chicago. I have a copy of the record Metal Box by Public Image Limited. It's the metal can version and the inside of my copy contains the carving:

Brett Young
940 Winona
Chicago 5 JAN 80

I'm interested in writing a story about the origins of my copy of this record. When and where it was bought, why one decided to sell it, if it was stolen, etc. If this was yours, I would love to know!

Thanks for your time, Derek Erdman

Five hours later, I received this reply:

It's funny that you emailed a Brett Young from Chicago, because I lived there...except I was 10 years old in 1980 and I've never been a fan of Public Image limited. So, sorry, that's not me. - Brett Young

The moral of this story is: There's more than one Brett Young.