Music fan Isac Walter is seeing how long he can go without wearing the same shirt twice. He hopes for 500 days, and he's keeping track of his efforts by way of daily updates at

Usually, I would take zero interest in this kind of thing ("Neat. You're wearing a band t-shirt. I do that all the time, too.") but a) is a great name for a website and b) when he posts his shirt for the day, he also talks a little bit about where the shirt came from or the band on the shirt, and Walter is a big fan of music and I like reading music fans write about music more than I like reading music critics write about music.

Here's a sample from his post from the other day, day #166, when he wore a Smiths t-shirt:

...after a good 3 days straight of driving around Sacramento with the Strangeways as my soundtrack i thought it was time too move on, to something else, maybe it was Music for The Masses or Misfits at that time, some dark shit :). this 1970 VW Fastback had its own opinion of what i should listen to and refused to eject my tape. Screwdrivers and paperclips were of no use, it wasn’t going to budge. In lieu of damaging the stereo and having no music at all i decided to hang with Strangeways for the next year or so. everywhere i went, it was Girlfriend in a Coma, Stop Me, was engrained in my brain. I didn’t care though. Imagine that today, there isn’t much i could get stuck in my player without taking a crowbar to it and smashing it before i went crazy. but Strangeways could play and play and play and i would never think twice about it.

See more of his enviable t-shirt collection at (and read more about him at Spin, Forbes, and MTV).

I'm going to counter his project with a project of my own: Let's see how many days in a row I can wear this Helms Alee panda bear t-shirt. I'm on day three. Only 497 days to go!

(Thanks for the tip, Mr. Jay!)