I just realized that I'm a fan of everything Rachel Ratner is a part of that I've heard about. Butts was a wonderful ramshackle duo oozing with charm and her other current band, Partman Parthorse is one of Seattle's most curious outfits. Ratner recently joined up with Matt Nyce (Consignment, Meth Teeth) and Dave Ramm (Pulses, Scraps*, Broken Knives) to form Wimps, who played at Keith Whiteman's Halloween basement music party and promptly smashed the faces of everybody in masks and make up. I haven't seen them since then, but all reports from others regarding subsequent shows point to blistering.

Their newest demo is available for download right here. Typical music journalism comparisons dredge up the Intelligence, 1986-era Black Flag (especially that guitar sound!), and driving war rock. And it's for free! You don't even have to Rapidshare a Mediafire!

They're playing at the Funhouse on the 7th with Jaguar Paw, the Burnz, & Big Eyes. You'd be a total blockhead to miss this show, as Big Eyes are new to Seattle from NYC and are shreddingly otherworldly.

*I saw Scraps at the Wild Rose in 2009 while visiting Seattle to quell a gnarly nervous breakdown, it was one of the best shows I'd ever seen. I was ready to wander into a river with pockets full of rocks before that show.