I was listening to Sparks songs via YouToob a few days ago and noticed a wonderful comment on the video for "Number 1 Song in Heaven":

"I bought every album they did throughout the seventies and even watched a documentary of them while I was in prison in 1974, that really ingrained them on me. The only fanclub I ever joined."

Listening to Sparks while in the clink! I couldn't resist writing the person, lesterpiglet1, asking if I could interview them about these things, which you'll find after the jump.

How old are you?

Where were you born?
Belfast, Northen Ireland

Where do you live now?
Bangor, Northern Ireland

How did you first get introduced to the band Sparks?
UK pop charts

What was the first song that you remember hearing by them?
"This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both of Us"

Why were you in prison in 1974?
Motoring offences.

For how long were you there?
2 months.

Would you mind being any more specific about "motoring offences?"
Motoring offences... Taking and driving away which is a criminal offence. Driving while disqualified, no insurance/licence...motoring offences.

Do you feel that you were in prison for the wrong reasons? Or that you didn't deserve to be there?
I certainly deserved punishment but being incarcerated with murderers and the like at the age of 16 was a bit of a shock.

Where did you see the documentary while there? On the television? In a TV room?
TV in the nissin hut where we all slept. I suppose around 30 slept there.

What about Sparks do you like most?
They are totally different from any other band. I like their uniqueness.

Do you have a favorite Sparks song?
Not really. Woofer in Tweeters Clothing is one of my favourite albums though.

What has your life been like after prison?
Law abiding. :)

Have you ever been back since?

Do you play music yourself?
Tried to take up bass guitar but didn't have the time or cash to pursue it.

As a person, would you consider yourself happy?
Life has it's ups and downs...

Which of the Mael Brothers do you like more?
I think of them as a unit.

Do you have a favorite Sparks record?
Any of their first 5 albums will do, including HalfNelson.

Do you still listen to them now?
Oh yes.

What is your current family situation?
Widowed with lots of children and grandchildren.

What other bands would you call your favourites?
I have a lot of favourites depending on my mood. Yes, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Bowie, Groundhogs, Hawkwind, Rage, Chili Peppers, the list can and does go on. :)

Thanks a lot, lesterpiglet1!