I don't really have an that much of an opinion on Lana del Rey, other than that the below video is pretty funny, and that this NYTimes piece, which is more about the arc of stardom in the internet age than it is about Lana Del Rey, is a good read:

It's already difficult to remember Lana Del Rey, but let’s try. She was a meme of 2011, a singer who emerged seemingly fully formed from the ether who was in short order revealed to be, get this, a singer who was not always fully formed. That moll with the dangerous tastes in men and pastimes and the puffed-out lips and hair? That songwriter who used words like “velvet” and “exotic” in the tiki-lounge way of overemphasizing noir culture? Yep, it was a pose, cut from existing, densely patterned cloth. Just like all the other poses. And all the other cloths.

Read the whole thing here.