Here's a treat. The Fall recorded live at the Hacienda in Manchester at the tail end of their best lineup on October 18th, 1984. There's a goofy hat atop Brix's head, M.E.S. is mumbling about the price of scotch and the music business, and Steve Hanley is in his prime. As stated in the Youtube comments section, this one "knocks the piss out of the studio version."

Milly Rhener remembered the gig a year later in Debris No. 7 and stated:

The Hacienda was full ... God knows what they must have thought of the dickheads who shouted for the six-year-old 'Rowche Rumble'. ... Not content with having regressive vision, the crowd plunged further into the depths of mindlessness. When the Fall were offstage in between encores, the imbeciles decided to show off their obscene vocabulary, seemingly in an effort to impress each other. I mean, can you see the point in paying £3.50 to see a band and then spend ten minutes calling them "sods/ lazy bastards/ miserable fuckers/ a bunch of wankers"? I can't. ... a band as vibrant and stimulating as the Fall deserve a better class of audience.


A better class of audience, indeed. Ticket scan & most information from the gigography section of the best Fall website ever.