Does this baby take naps or DISCO NAPS?
  • Disco Baby via Shutterstock
  • Does this baby take naps or DISCO NAPS?
Lately I've noticed the term "disco nap" has been appearing in my Twitter and Facebook feeds more than ever before (I'm looking at you, Hickey). In fact, I don't think I ever saw anyone use the phrase in the past five years (I don't follow a lot of club kids) and now half a dozen folks I follow have used it in the last week or so. What gives? Was it used in jest in a recent episode of Portlandia or something? Why the sudden resurgence?

Really I don't care why. I just want it to stop. A disco nap is just a nap. Apparently it's a nap you take before going to a party or going out dancing or whatever, I get that, but what you do after a nap does not actually impact the type of nap you're taking. It is just a nap. Whether you dance or puke or give birth afterwards. IT'S STILL JUST A NAP.

Not everything has to be a party. Especially naps. Naps should not be parties. Or discos. THEY'RE JUST NAPS.