I was scrolling through Intoxica Records' eBay™ store yesterday when I found a Moody Blues LP...um, the Moody's extensive catalog has been a dollar-bin staple for YEARS, suddenly with hella appreciation.


YEAH, that IS a copy of To Our Children's Children's Children for $160. Intoxica's English copies of the Small Faces Decca LPs were on offer for HALF what they wanted for this Moody's LP!? Mind blowing!! Seriously, To Our Children's Children's Children is a fantastic record, but if you EVER pay more than a couple bucks for a copy, well...you're a fool. I got a "watch" on this LP to see if it EVER sells.

Now, I know just YESTERDAY I was complaining about NW record nerds being cheap fucks, BUT $160 for a UK copy of ANY Moody Blues LP is ridiculous...now if its rarity warrants a $160 price, that'd be a different story, natch.