Never Heard of 'Em: Suicide


This is easily in my top 20 favorite albums of all time. Also, I kind of like this review - I feel like not knowing what is making all of the sounds makes it a little more interesting than knowing what is going on.
No reaction to the bonus disc of the re-issue, including the classic "23 minutes over Brussels" riot?

Still, this is generally fairly accurate. Frankie Teardrop is insanely influential, but damn it's a downer when you're just trying to listen to music at work.
This is a great idea. Can't wait for more music reviews like this. I've requested the CD from the library.
"Actual instruments" is kind of a snobby thing to say. Martin Rev is playing the keyboards with his hands while playing the basslines with pedals. The percussion comes from a drum machine, which is like a drummer except better in pretty much every way.
Awesome, I will follow along with this and listen to the music as well.
Electronic instruments are 'actual' instruments, FYI.
Anna, you're talking my language. Now we finally have something in common besides periods!
@4, please clarify. I can agree that drum machines are better than actual drummers (the people playing the drums), but please admit they're inferior in almost every way to drums (the instrument being played).
"All in all, I give this an I-don’t-know-a-fucking-thing-about-music out of 10"

Excellent. I'm going to start using this rating standard for everything from now on.
I like this format. It's like having my wife review semi trucks. "It's big and red and it looks like it could pull stuff. I like it." The nice thing about having someone who knows nothing about music review music is that other people who know nothing about music can relate. When a reviewer describes something as "proto-post death scream classical crossed with Supertramp on Ketamine I really don't know what to expect so I tune out.
this is stupid
True story, circa 1988:

When I was in high school my friend and I used to listen to a "College Music" radio show in our hometown every weekend. Saturday night, if memory serves. We didn't like the dj (or were envious of her, which translated into hatred) and started to prank call her just after midnight every week by only playing a segment of "Frankie Teardrop" into the phone and then handing up at the most disturbing moments, post scream. Cue: *cackle* "...Frankie's dead!"

We must have done this for months. I can only imagine the torment that we inflicted on this poor 20-something woman. She had no idea who was doing it or where it came from.

The moral of this story: Teenagers are assholes.

Subtext: We had pretty awesome musical tastes for Midwestern teens in the late 80s.
Although I bought this record when it came out, I have never heard of Richard Marx or Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.
But you can skip reviewing them if you want, and move right along to Al Green or Pere Ubu or Tom Waits or something, fine with me.


I dig this idea. music writing has gotten so pompous and self-referential that it's refreshing to listen to a person's take on an album that isn't completely jaded/not using it as an excuse to unpack a shit load of cultural baggage attached to the sound. plus, you're talking about one of my favorite albums, so HUZZAH!
Did you write this in the Cha Cha when they were playing Frankie Teardrop Friday night?
@13 - i would like to hear an "uninformed" review of a pere ubu album. good idea. anna, do "modern dance" next!
I can't believe what a snob this reviewer is.