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Fifteen-year-old Sara Poirier of Port McNeill, BC has made 60 "tribute videos" out of her love for venerable British art-punk band Wire. In the process of posting them all over Facebook, she's earned a few detractors—including outspoken singer/guitarist Colin Newman, who isn't as flattered as you might expect.

Poirier is not without skill, but her insistence on placing herself at the center of every scenario smacks of self-indulgence—teenaged self-indulgence, that is (her lip-sync is particularly bad). Then again, there are less productive—even destructive—ways to express one's devotion to a musical act, and Poirier has chosen an especially creative means. As she explains, "I had my mind set on being the leader of the Pink Flag Army, which is the name I gave to the group of us Wire fans." In ways she might not have intended, she's succeeded in her aims.

Read Sasha Frere-Jones' interview with Poirier here. No matter what Newman thinks of her work: A profile in The New Yorker is impressive at any age.

If she's made enemies on Facebook, the many "likes" on YouTube indicate a more welcoming audience. See for yourself at her site, where she's posted 22 videos.