In just one weekend I went to both Women Who Rock at the beautiful and awesome Washington Hall, and also the Northwest Women's Show at the gigantic and temporarily hot pink carpeted Century Links Events Center near Century Link Field.

Alice Bag, WWRP Keynote Speaker
  • Kelly O
  • Alice Bag, WWRP Keynote Speaker
I went to the first hoping to see Alice Bag perform, and the latter to try to catch a glimpse of Linda Evans (or maybe even Ramtha!)

Women Who Rock seemed to be a conference, pretty true to their mission statement:

Women Who Rock Research Project (WWRRP) supports, develops, and circulates cultural production, conversations and scholarship by cultural producers and faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates across disciplines, both within and outside the University, who examine the politics of gender, race, class, and sexuality generated by popular music. Our goal is to generate dialogue and provide a focal point from which to build and strengthen relationships between local musicians and their communities, and educational institutions.

The NW Women's Show focused on (in no particular order):

Diets, Dieting, Diet Drugs, Fitness Classes, Zumba, the JCPenney Fashion Show, Wine Tasting, Linda Evans, Olive Oil, Naked Firemen Calenders, Dave's Killer Bread Band, Scrapbooking, Cake Decorating, Scarf Tying, and Wigs

The former made me feel like it wasn't too late to learn how to play music and/or someday become President of the United States. The latter made me think I was fat and needed a weave.

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Three photos from the NW Women's Show...

Real talk, girl talk?


Because women LOVE body-builders!


The "Got Hair" booth, that I got "in trouble" for taking photos of...


all photos Kelly O