Hot on the heels of his birthday last week, here's a brilliant unreleased documentary about the Fall made by Mick Middles in 1994.

  • derek erdman

Hear Ol' Smithy mumble on half coherently about a manner of things, ranging from waiting for the bus to the best way to nurse a baby.

Skip to the 8:49 mark (or just click here) to hear Smith boast about how happy he was that the people of Cleveland, Ohio hated the Fall because that's where grunge started with "long hair like this" and "loud guitars and all." A few seconds later he states that Chicago is a lot like Manchester and he would never, ever live in Los Angeles, "for all of the money in the fucking world."

Also, while you're reading this, be safe in the knowing that I'll be playing six hours of Fall records at the Pony next Thursday the 15th from 8pm until 2am.