A year before I was born, my mother had a child that she was forced to put up for adoption. The father of that child recently contacted my mother after decades of not talking to try to locate this child. I know little of my half brother, and it isn't an issue that's made me very curious. I also never knew much about my half brother's father, but we've since become friends on Facebox and I've seen photos of him from that era and some of the comics that he draws. He's also talked a lot about his band from the late 1970s / early 1980s in Cleveland, Ohio (who may have moved to California during that time).

They were called Mercury Magic (or maybe just Mercury, info is scant) and from what I can gather they released a single in 1979 and a self-titled LP in 1980. The single A-side is "Let Me Down Easy," and my almost-father sounds almost exactly like Sticky Fingers-era Mick Jagger:

An endearing missive from the comment section of that video from my almost-father's brother reads:

Ricky Hughes here. I love finding this here and I am being sincere. Thank you so much. This was our first single and I have not heard it in 30 years. I am not sure if anyone in my family even has a copy of this. Do me a favor and call me, I would love´╗┐ to talk music with you. 1-502-(redacted). Please call.

The 1980 LP fetches some dollars from prog/psych collectors. I have to admit, while I'm not wild about meandering denim rock, there's something about "Let Me Down Easy" that I really love. It's kind of cool to imagine my mother dating this guy as well; long hair, roach clips, a red Chevy Chevelle SS, flowery blouses and jean jackets, etc. Of course, I stop thinking about it before it gets any further (ick).

Then I got to wondering, do you have family members in bands? An uncle who plays blistering folk guitar, perhaps? A cousin in a speed metal band? Are there videos of them on YouTube? If so, please post them below. I'd love to see them!