Editor's note: Anna Minard, the latest addition to The Stranger's editorial gaggle, has never heard any music aside from Richard Marx and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Thus, every Wednesday, we present Never Heard of 'Em, in which we force her to listen to and write her impressions about random records by artists considered to be important by music nerds.

Royal Trux
(Drag City)

(Sorry this is late this week, I've been hit with the death cold that's going around.)

Okay, confession time: An album like this was exactly what I was afraid of when we started this Never Heard of 'Em business. When I listen to music like this, my first instinct is, "Stop yelling at me, I didn't do anything wrong!" Royal Trux's untitled album (what? Name your shit!) is really loud, both shouty AND mumbly, and occasionally devolves into just noise on purpose (track 3, "Hallucination"). It doesn't sound like they're trying very hard, and it doesn't sound like anyone who wasn't friends with them listened to it before they recorded the whole album.

But Grant wouldn't have given this to me if a bunch of people didn't love it, so I'm trying to figure that out. Is it because it's so "raw"? What mood are you in for this to really do it for you? (Maybe "high" or "drunk"?) Or… I guess it's perfect for making that guitar-face that dudes make sometimes, all scrunchy-lipped and squinty and smirky. And it does sound like a decent soundtrack for a sort of postadolescent melancholy/ennui. Oh, and live I bet this would be really fun, if you had extremely long hair and hated your eardrums more than anything on earth.

What the fuck? Did they just say, "Let me take you through the door/Through the door that eats your face"? See, that just sounds like free association. And the chorus of the first track, "Air," is pretty much just "Air, air, air, air, air, air, air." (I am not exaggerating.)

However, I do really like track 4, "Junkie Nurse." In both content and form, it cracks my shit up and makes me smile. Every time I've listened to this album my brain breathes a sigh of relief when it comes on. I already have it stuck in my head. I think I'm going to play it for my friends in nursing school and see if they laugh or cry.

Who I imagine would like this:

1. Teenage boys who punch each other in the nuts whenever they're in front of girls.
2. People who are high on drugs.
3. People who are friends with the band.
4. The 1990s.

In conclusion: I give this a "turn that infernal racket down, you hooligans" out of 10.

Watch the video for "Air" after the cut: