Sometimes heeding all of your own advice can still cause a tour to hit a snag. Such is the current case of TacocaT and their broken van.

Crummy on the Inside
  • emily nokes
  • "Crummy on the Inside"

The band treated their van (nicknamed Hondyssy) to an oil change at a Firestone in Albuquerque, NM (two stars on Yelp!) before heading toward Utah. A gnarly snowstorm forced them to backtrack to Durango, CO. Stopping there for the evening, TacocaT splurged on a Super 8 motel and spent the night watching Summer Heights High. Four hundred approximate miles between the oil change and sleeping two to a bed at the Super 8.

Repair Shop Mascot
  • emily nokes
  • "Repair Shop Mascot"

When the band loaded into the van this morning, prepared for the haul to Provo, something didn't seem quite right. "It smelled like burning," singer Emily Nokes reported. The band then drove 15-20 minutes up a steep hill, when a loud clicking noise began in the engine, which then stopped. TacocaT's main driver, guitar player Eric Randall, then turned the van around and coasted back to a repair shop. The good news is there was a cuddly repair shop cat, the bad news was the van's engine was toast.

Within the last hour, the band has shelled out $900 for a white Astro Van Aerostar that they found on Craigslist. What will happen next? Will they make it to Provo? Boise? Missoula? Spokane? Seattle?

Durangos Great White Hope
  • emily nokes
  • Durango's Great White Hope

TacocaT would like to "shout out to all of the rental car places that fucking suck and cost $2,000 for two days."

EDIT: TacocaTs report that the new van is an Aerostar, not an Astro Van as earlier stated.