I've spent most of the day so far tracing photos of sports stars, most of them I hadn't heard of before. I found a photo of Bill Walton with a wonderful shirt that read: "Be kind to animals, don't eat them" and decided to research further, finding this wonderfully fake article about Walton's 23 year acid trip.

Dial a violation!
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  • "Dial a violation!"

Then I listened to Bill Walton videos while tracing other people and came across this video of Bill Walton's wife giving a tour of their home, which includes a Bob Dylan room. There's also a drum set that once belonged to the Grateful Dead adjusted to Walton's height. Later in the video, Walton's wife reveals that Jerry Garcia has been naked in their backyard.

My age caused my teenage years to be smack dab in the midst (okay, maybe a little late) of the dreaded "Touch of Grey" era of the Grateful Dead. My high school was teeming with natty yarn-wrap haired teens tumbling from smoked filled VW Vanagons (the title usually in their parent's name). I will admit to really liking the song "Rosemary" which is on Aoxomoxoa but I only know it because of the greatest hits record.

When the tour of Bill Walton's home was over, a list of related videos appeared, one of which was this live version of "Bertha" from 1971:

The comments under the video include things like: "how the fuck are there 3 dislikes" and "No way any of the douchebags who disliked this song ever saw it live."

I listened to the song twice and really didn't like it at all. I will admit never seeing it live, as well. The only time I'd ever been to a Dead show was to accompany friends who were trying to buy sheets of acid. They bought blank sheets both times, which is fine with me. That drug is for goofs!

Grilled cheese for everybody!
  • derek erdman
  • "Grilled cheese for everybody!"

Why do some people like the Grateful Dead so much? Why do some people really dislike the Grateful Dead so much? There's already been a discussion on LineOut about their weirdest tracks. Are there more songs like "Rosemary" or should I just listen to Aoxomoxoa?