I wandered into Everyday Music after eating a giant pork sandwich from Oddfellows late Sunday afternoon. A woman was repeatedly sneezing in the back of the store. Ten minutes into shopping, "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" came over the house system. I was surprised to see so many used LPs by the Jam. They had an affordable copy of In The City. Do people not buy Jam records?


By the time I got to the U2 section, I knew that the shopping trip was nearly through. I didn't even really want to buy anything, but I felt compelled to spent the $10 bill that I had in my shirt pocket. Then I saw a pristine copy of the "Fire" 12" from 1981. It has two great live b-sides, "11 O'Clock Tick Tock" and "The Ocean," which were recorded live in Boston. There's also a dubby jam called "J. Swallo" which I've always liked as well. I had this 12" as a youngster and really wanted to go home and play it, so I bought it.

While playing the record at home, I realized that I already have two copies of this 12". If you want it, be the first to claim it in the comments section and I'll send it to your house via Media Mail. Domestic addresses only, please.

A lot of people think that U2 are crap, but the early stuff is pretty wonderful!