Thrill Jockey Records is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a big reissue campaign of flagship band Tortoise's back catalog. You can pre-order Tortoise's 1996 post-rock classic Millions Now Living Will Never Die on vinyl (with a download card) here. Other titles slated to be reissued include Tortoise (July 24), It's All Around You (Aug. 21), TNT (Sept. 18), and Beacons of Ancestorship (Oct. 16). Tortoise are unusual in that they put out one of their best albums (Beacons of Ancestorship) almost 20 years into their existence. As I said in a 2010 overview of the band's highlights in The Stranger, "Tortoise are probably the most important American indie band going who've never sung a word and whose members' faces you wouldn't recognize."