Ty Segall and White Fence, Hair, Drag City

In front of the green screen (Ty Segall, Los Angeles, 3/25/12
  • Incase/Room 205
  • Ty Segall, Los Angeles, 3/25/12

The result of two unruly, garage-rock minds, Hair is loud and messy and not quite as focused as the solo releases Ty Segall and Tim Presley (White Fence) have released to date, but it's still a lot of fun. Granted, if you get no joy from the Pretty Things or Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, you won't find it as pleasing.

The spirit of the 1960s—Nuggets, Back from the Grave, etc.—permeates the thing, to the extent that the intro to "Time" recalls "Hey Joe," "Scissor People" offers a Can-like outro, and one track even bears the title "Easy Ryder"...though that doesn't mean it has anything to do with the generation-defining Dennis Hopper film (if anything, it plays more like an outtake from Segall's Melted).

If Segall is the stronger singer, Presley's glam-folk warble offers an appealing contrast. The two alternate on vocals, with Presley handling "I Am Not a Game," the show-stopping set piece, while Segall changes up his style on "Crybaby" to whoop and hiccup in the manner of Buddy Holly, Lux Interior, or John Dwyer.

Though Mikal Cronin (bass) and Tim's brother Sean (drums) complete the line-up, Ty and Tim add organ, percussion, vibes, and faders. Mostly, though, the record presents an excuse for these prolific Californians to go guitar-crazy,* which should make for a great live show. But I still look forward to a more focused follow-up.

* At the 5:34 mark in the performance above, Segall uses a television set as a guitar pick.

  • K.C. Fennessy

Drag City releases Hair on April 24. The Stranger presents Ty Segall and White Fence with the Pharmacy and the Tea Cozies at Chop Suey on May 5. In addition, In the Red releases Slaughterhouse from the Ty Segall Band (Segall and tour mates Cronin, Charlie Moothart, and Emily Rose Epstein) on June 26. I love Segall, I really do, but keeping up with this cat is becoming a full-time gig!