Kompakt Records stalwarts Wolfgang Voigt and Jörg Burger have a new project called Mohn. Don’t expect the driving, monomaniacal techno or the thrumming, muted throbs of their past endeavors on the Mohn album (out May 8). This is minimal, alienating untechno redolent of forbidding atmospheres and unsettling tonalities, with the occasional starkly beautiful melody forlornly wafting in the background.

Kompakt’s made “Saturn” available for advance streaming/downloading. It’s one of Mohn’s more accessible offerings, though it’s not going to be soundtracking Ibiza bacchanals any time soon. Rather, it’s nudged along by slow-mo arpeggiating, methodical pulsations, and warped wind-chime clanking. There’s a gorgeous, mellifluous synth melody floating in the distance, too. It’s kind of staggering to contemplate, but Wolfgang Voigt has yet to do anything weak in 20 years of music production.