This is not a question to be taken lightly. Let’s say you’re on your deathbed. You know the end is near. You want to exit this mortal coil on a momentous note. What song to do you ask your loved ones (best-case scenario: many are by your side) to play? The song ideally will do the following: induce pleasant reveries; make you feel important; inflate your soul (let’s just assume you have one, for efficiency’s sake); and ease your transition into the afterlife. That’s asking a helluva lot of one song. But I think some of ’em can handle the burden.

Here are the candidates for my ultimate swan song, in descending order.

01 Et Cetera- “Raga”**
02 Spiritualized- “Shine a Light”
03 Big Star- “My Life Is Right”
04 The Beatles- “Tomorrow Never Knows”
05 Love- “You Set the Scene”

What are the songs that you would want to segue yourselves into nonexistence?

**This review explains why "Raga" tops my list.