While previewing Rammstein’s May 14 show at Tacoma Dome by listening to their best-of collection, Made in Germany: 1995-2011, I wondered, “Who likes this shit?” I have never met a Rammstein fan, and I’m old. But clearly they are popular enough to play huge venues in North America and release lavishly packaged CDs full of their bombastic, ham-fisted electronic-dance anthems, marked by Till Lindemann’s over-the-top guttural vocals. It's ugly, bulbous, way-too-full-of-itself music.

Rammstein remind me a bit of Laibach, but one sensed that Laibach were at least semi-conscious of their ludicrous echt seriousness. Rammstein appear to be too dense to possess such self-awareness.

Do people like Rammstein in an ironic, “it’s so awful it’s great” way, as if they were some sort of Teutonic Shaggs or Wesley Willis? Do you like Rammstein? WHY?!